Installation, Implementation, Training, Customization. Migration, Supports, Upgradation, Integration.


Divine Campus Provides technical services, either on-site or through extended remote support, to assist with the installation and configuration of the software. This ensures that the installation is efficient and that the users can immediately begin to access the system.


The success of an implementation process will depend largely on the expertise and commitment of our people. We will facilitate superior implementation planning, through processes such as gap analysis, implementation planning/pre-training, and final end user training on the software. We have highly experienced team who ensure that the software meets implementation goals and expectation of our clients.


We have designed structured, hands-on training programs to meet the specific learning needs of different groups of users. User training is organized into a series of training sessions carefully designed to meet the learning needs of individual users.


We make sure, a smooth transition from your previous school management software to Divine Campus. Our team take care of data migration and required conversion of data.


We focus on providing unique, cutting-edge technical support. With our technical expertise, coupled with a strong appreciation for your target audience, we strive to provide outstanding support to our clients. We provide clients with end-to-end support services and deliver superior customer experience by providing seamless technical support.


Software updates and upgrades are a result of Divine’s commitment to continuously enhance our software. Each update offers performance improvements with the optimization of existing functionality, the implementation of fixes, and the addition of new functionality. Regular updates/upgrades also ensure that the software is compatible with the hardware and software platforms.


Divine itself is a powerful and efficient product. With the Product integration support we offer the service to integrate software application with customer's other system and work processes. This means that the system can be fully utilized, to get most value out of time spent.