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Online Learning



  • Online Teaching / Learning module available in Divine Campus Mobile app. No need to download/install any separate application.
  • No need to share meeting ID and password with parents. Divine Campus Mobile app to be used by Parents.
  • No one will be able to share video lecture link with third person out of school.
  • Two meetings can be conducted separately at any given time. No meetings will clash due to same timings.
  • Teacher can easily schedule class wise lectures through Divine Campus web login and it will be available date-wise at parent login.
  • School Admin/Teacher can control audio/video sharing facility.
  • School Admin/Teacher can mute/unmute all participants from their login.
  • School can track student attendance for each lecture.
  • Assignment sharing is possible.
  • Teacher can send reference material in the form of Image, Video Link (Youtube), Online reference of any site which will always be available for students to refer to in future.
  • Online white board is available for teaching on teacher’s login.
  • Screen sharing is possible.
  • Option available to rejoin the meeting.

Data Security

  • Student data, reference material, teaching material will be stored on Divine Campus server. So it will not be accessible with any third person.
  • Integration request/response is completely in encrypted format.

Online Learning Module

Integration with Free ZOOM service –
  • School can schedule only 45 minute lecture.
  • In Free version of zoom only 100 users/students can attend online lecture at a time.
  • Lector recording is not possible.

Integration with Paid ZOOM service

  • School can schedule lectures for more than 45 minute.
  • In Paid version number of users/students will depend on the paid packages of zoom – to be purchased by the School.
  • Lecture recording is possible.

Integration with Google Meet

Please note following features are not available with Google Meet.
  • School Admin/Teacher to control audio/video sharing facility
  • School Admin/Teacher to mute/unmute all participants from their login
Online Learning