Advantages School Staff

  • Accuracy of Reports – Eliminates mistakes due to human errors in calculation
  • Reduces unnecessary paperwork and no hand writing related issues.
  • Reports can be printed any number of times anywhere.
  • Any new requirement of reports from Govt agencies would be quickly attended to as the software would be upgraded instantly by Vivekananda Academy team to include the new requirement.
  • Data is stored on safe servers with data security and backup facility. College can also take additional backups for their comfort.
  • Expected time saving for Teachers: 80 % and for non teaching: 60 %.
  • Principal and Management would benefit maximum as they do not have to depend on availability of a specific person.
  • Avoids duplication of work since data is available seamlessly.

Benefits To Students And Parents

  • ID Card - Can be printed along with photograph by the School at less cost.
  • Fees Module – Class wise fees allocation is automatic. Receipt would be generated by the software. Pending fees report gets generated as required. Cheque tracking would be simple. On-line fees payment is also available – this would reduce workload at the counter.
  • Attendance - Class Teachers just have to click on absent students. No need to maintain Registers. Automatic SMS would be sent to parents when the student is absent. All summary & statistical reports would be automatically generated. Teachers’ attendance by biometric system possible.
  • Library Module – Librarian would automatically get all the details of the students.
  • Transportation – Students who opted for transport will be automatically registered and entire process for this division is automated.
  • Examination - Teachers would have more time to focus on Teaching.
  • Bonafide & TC - Can be generated when required. In case of T C, software will carry out internal checks like pending fees and if library books were returned.
  • Syllabus Planning - Teachers can create periodic syllabus plan and can create Daily/Weekly Syllabus planning, which HOD can track easily.
  • Home Work & Assignments - Available online. Can be monitored by Parents.
  • Overall Administration - Made easy with total transparency.